About us

Netherlands = Low Lands

We are a nation that is living and working under and around the waterlevel. For centuries we have experienced and learned how to keep ourselves and our belongings dry... Also on a boat it is important to keep dry below deck.

Houtwerf Eursa is situated in the middle of the Netherlands, about one hour driving south of Amsterdam. The owner, Karel Beer, grew up on a traditional shipyard in Rotterdam, the “Hudsonwerf”, where they built clinkerbuilt wooden boats. He has sailed many seamiles himself and has great woodcrafting skills. Together with his wife and daughter they manage the Restoration Shipyard in Liempde.

Traditional boats are restored, we advise projects and also deliver Marine Supplies. For bonding the wood in different stages of the restoration we use Simson products.

Houtwerf Eursa
de Schoren 7
5298 MH Liempde
Phone: *31 (0)411 635166
Fax:     *31 (0)411 635168
Email:    info@eursa.nl
Vat nr.: NL 0591 20848B01
Chambre of commerce Eindhoven: 16065894