Primers and cleaners

Cleaner E

Simson Cleaner E

Product descriptionSimson Cleaner E application

Simson Cleaner E is a pretreatment product for cleaning and degreasing substrates before sealing or bonding with specific Simson products.

Prep P

Simson Prep P

Product descriptionSimson Prep P application

Prep P is a liquid pretreatment for improving adhesion of different Simson products on porous substrates.


Pretreatment of wooden substrates (e.g. seams in teak wood ship decks).
Pretreatment of mineral substrates e.g. brickwork, concrete and lightweight concrete.


500 ml can

Prep M

Product descriptionSimson Prep M application

Simson Prep M is a one-step-pretreatment, based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) for improvement of adhesion on closed substrates.


Pretreatment of metal surfaces: aluminium, steel, copper, brass, lacquered and powder coated surfaces, polyester (GRP), ABS en PVC.


500 ml can       

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