How to lay a teak deck in five steps

  1. Preparing the deck
  2. Priming
  3. Bonding the teak
  4. Caulking
  5. Finishing the teak deck

Working temperature between  +5 °C  and  +35 °C .
Advisable workingtemperature between +18 °C and +21 °C.

1. Preparing the deck

The underground needs to be dry, dustfree and degreased (with Cleaner E).

2.  Priming

Steel Prime with Prep M
Polyester Prime with Prep M
Wood Clean with Cleaner E, than Prime with Prep P
Painted Surfaces Prime with Prep M

3. Bonding the teak

In between a minimum of one hour and a maximum of 18 hours after the priming, glue the teak planks on the deck with Simson MSR Bedding Compound.

You need to use enough Bedding Compound to:

  •  be sure there is enough contact between the teak and the deck (use a spatula)
  •  protect from moisture ingress

Usually a layer of 2 mm is sufficient.
Place weights, vacume or user some means of mechanical fastening after bonding,

4. Caulking

Pre-treatment of the seam sides:

  • Clean with Cleaner E
  • Apply Prep P in the seams
  • Apply seamtape on the bottom of the seams

After applying Prep P wait at least one hour and maximum 18 hours, apply Simson MSR Deck Caulk with excess in the seams and press the deck caulk firmly in the seam with a spatula.

5. Finishing the teak deck

Remove the excess deck caulk with a chisel before it hardens out, or alternatively wait 72 hours before cutting off the remainders.
Sand the deck after the deck caulk has hardened out. The time the hardening takes depends on temperature and relative humidity.

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