MSR FT Fast Tack

Simson MSR Fast Tack

Product descriptionSimson MSR Fast Tack application

MSR Fast Tack is a 1-component, permanently elastic, fast curing adhesive, based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP), with high green strength and excellent UV stability and fresh and salt water resistance. MSR Fast Tack has been tested and certified according to the ‘International Maritime Organisation Fire Test Procedures for Surface Flammability’, resolution A.653(16) and has been approved for use om wall, ceiling and floor applications.

ApplicationSimson MSR Fast Tack application

Directe bonding of screens and windows (glass, PMMA, PC) in a nautical environment. Bonding push borders. Bonding deck hatches and portholes. Bonding sheets Bonding deck fittings. Bonding deck/hull connections.


290 ml cartridges.


black Black
white White

The colors are indicative.

Preliminary treatment

In general MSR Fast Tack adheres well without primer on clean, dry, dust- and grease free substrates of aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel, copper, brass, powder coated metal, most lacquered metal surfaces, glass, PVC, polyester (GRP) and lacquered wood. In case of extreme environmental conditions, where due to great termal of physical loads, especially combined with high humidity levels, high adhesion demands are needed, the use of Simson Prep M is recommended. Prep M degreases and activates the surface in one step. In general MSR Fast Tack has good adhesion to glass. Pretreatment is not necessary if the glass has a sufficient ceramic edge coating that protects the adhesive-glass interface from UV radiation. When no ceramic coating is available or the ceramic coating does not supply sufficient UV protection, Simson Prep G has to be used.