Why use Simson Marine adhesives?

To ensure the seaworthiness of any vessel, Bostik industrial adhesives offer a variety of elastic bonding adhesive/sealant systems that provide exceptional weather and water-resistant properties. The range of marine products has been engineered for high performance elastic bonding and sealing of marine plywood, aluminum, fiberglass or other composite materials used in building marine vessels.

Simson marine sealants form a very durable, elastomeric waterproof seal for applications above and below the waterline. Some of these products offer excellent UV resistance and will not shrink, chalk, or crack over time. In most cases, surface pretreatment is not required; this translates to a reduction in production time, costs, and environmental/VOC concerns. All Simson marine sealants are easy to use, easy to sand and paint, non-gassing products that stand up to the harshest marine environments. Used for permanent bonding or sealing or for service and repair, their applications include sealing deck hardware and hatches, around doors and portholes, deck to hull assembly, through-hull fittings and seams, keel joints and undermoldings, or bedding navigational equipment.